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  • Using the most beautiful models available, we offer greater variation for the beauty scene
  • Full body shots, white background images, and pre-trimmed photos make design easy
  • Royalty free, with no restrictions on period of use or medium of use
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Full body shots, white background images, and pre-trimmed photos make design easy

Are what you’ve found so far fine as pictures, but useless as a stock photos? For designers in need, we have the answer!

Trimming that keeps the subject’s entire body in frame

Our stock photos can be trimmed just the way you like,
to match your rough image.
All too often when searching for stock photos, designers find pictures just one step removed from the conditions they need to meet, such as a bust shot with the shoulders cropped out, or a model with the right pose and expression, but not quite the right look.
Bijin Sozai has heard those designer’s demands, and photographs its models from full body, bust shot, and other angles so that their entire body fits in the frame.
The aspect ratio of your canvas is different in every medium, from magazine ads to catalog covers, so our pictures can be adapted to any design frame.

Pictures with default white backgrounds.

Making mask for the subject just got easier.
With a white background base, our pictures are compatible with a wide range of design work.
Trimming the subject is an essential step in design work with a lot of retouching, such as synthetic processing of two images, and partial modification of body parts.
But with a high contrast background to make the subject stand out, adding masks in Photoshop is a snap.
Designers can set the selection range just by adjusting a layer mask, without setting paths one by one using the pen tool.
Even using the stock photos as is, the more white space available, the better they will fit with written copy.

Offering pre-trimmed image data

Greatly improves design work efficiency.
Get pre-trimmed stock photos at reasonable prices.
Bijin Sozai provides pre-trimmed stock photos in PSD format.
Our files are trimmed from high resolution digital data, making them compatible with large-format printing such as posters and catalogs (max dimensions 5616 pixels x 3744 pixels).
Troublesome masking of clothes and hair is already finished, greatly reducing time spent on combining pictures in design work.
Our products are perfect for e-commerce site administrators who are always pressed to finish update work, and production managers who need to reduce man-hours spent on retouching.
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