This is a collection of frequently asked questions and our answers. Please use it in conjunction with the “User Guide”.

Making an Account
Is it free to make an account?
Our site does not have any registration or annual Account fees.
Making an account allows you to use all features of our website, including the Light Box and Shopping Cart, and checking your purchase history or downloading purchased pictures again on My Page.
How do I set the registered details of my account?
You can make an account with any email address and a password from 8~18 characters in length.
For details, please check the User Guide and “Making a new account”.
What can I do if I forget my email address or password?
Users who already have an account but have forgotten their email address or password can check the “Registration Complete” notice sent when you made your account.
If you cannot find this email, click on “Forgot your password?” on the “Log In” page or contact us with the “Contact Form”.
Using Pictures
What does “Royalty free” mean?
“Royalty free” refers to copyrighted products that do not incur additional fees for use if used within range of the license.
Once you have purchased a picture, you may use it any number of times, regardless of medium, length of time, or area of use.
For details, please reference the “User Guide” or “Understanding Royalty Free”.
Do you retain any personality rights?
No pictures handled by Bijin Sozai retain personality rights.
We have obtained model releases (personality rights release form) from the models in our pictures or their agencies.
Saving and Managing Pictures
What is the Light Box?
The Light Box is a folder that can store pictures you have searched for.
You can sort pictures into different folders for each Purchase, and share it with others by email.
Please reference “Saving and Managing Pictures” in the User Guide.
Purchasing Pictures
What should I do if the download fails?
If your download fails, please check the following points.
Check 1
It may be difficult to maintain a connection when our FTP server is busy. Please try your download again later.
Check 2
You may be guarded from FTP by internet security software.
Please disable FTP guard, then try your download again.
Check 3
You may be unable to complete your download to proxy server, firewall, or ISDN settings.

Please contact your ISP (internet service provider) or network administrator for information on how to change your browser environment settings.
Please understand that we cannot answer questions about your personal browser environment.
Displaying Credits
Do I have to display credits when I use pictures from this site?
As a rule, we do not request that you display credits when using pictures downloaded from our site, regardless of whether you had to pay for them or they were free.
For details, please reference Article 18 (Displaying Credits) in the "Terms of Use”.
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