Privacy Policy

Bijin Sozai (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"), handles personal information in conformity with the Privacy Policy set forth by its management company, C4Media, Inc.

1.Definition of Personal Information
  • "Personal information” is information about a living individual, referring to information which can be used to identify a specific individual, such as name, date of birth and other descriptions, etc., as well as information that can be easily referenced to other information and thereby be able to identify a specific individual.
2.Collection of Personal Information
  • Personal information will be collected about the member when the member uses the service or contacts The Company. Collection of personal information shall be done following clear statement of the purpose of use, and by lawful and fair means.
  • Personal information to be collected in the service are as follows.
  1. The members' name (and furigana for Chinese charaters)
  2. company name
  3. department name
  4. zip code
  5. address
  6. telephone number
  7. FAX number
  8. e-mail address
  9. password
  10. Transaction history of the service and the contents thereof
  11. Information that can identify a specific individual by combining the above
3.Use of Personal Information
  • The purpose of use of personal information entrusted to us by members in the service are as follows.
  1. Confirmation of your order, Inquiries
  2. Response time of inquiries
  3. Announcement time of new services, campaign sale information, etc. from the operating company and affiliates of the service
  4. Broad marketing activities, such as collection of statistics and analysis of the member’s access status and purchase history
  • In the service, The Company does not disclose or provide the member’s personal information to third parties without the member’s consent, except for the following cases.
  1. The Company is required to cooperate based on laws or regulations, or cooperate with national institutions or local government or those who have been commissioned by such organizations, who are performing the office prescribed by laws and regulations
  2. When it is necessary for the protection of human life, health, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the member
  3. When exchanging personal data between the management company of the service and its affiliates
  4. When the site operators are changed in a business transfer, etc.
4.Safe management of personal information
  • Safety management of the personal information entrusted by members to the service provider shall take logical, organizational, physical, human, and technical measures, and will also strive to prevent illegal intrusion into personal data, loss of personal information, falsification, danger of leakage, etc. by proper handling in the service that conforms to the relevant laws and regulations.
5.Correction and deletion of personal information
  • Please inform The Company of correction or deletion of personal information that is entrusted by the member. In addition, if registered as a member (account holder) you can correct the personal information from the "My Page" of the service.
6.Use of cookies
  • In order to provide customers with better service, The Company may use cookies. This does not involve the collection of personally identifiable information, so it does not infringe on the member’s privacy. If the member does not wish to accept cookies, then browser settings can be changed accordingly.
  • * Cookies are information that is sent from the server computer to the member’s browser, and are stored in the hard disk of the customer’s computer.
7.Use of SSL
  • When inputting personal information, in order to ensure security, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology is used for the purpose of preventing the information from being intercepted, interfered with or tampered with.
  • * SSL is a receiving function that prevents eavesdropping or falsification of data by encrypting the information. Utilizing SSL makes it possible to transmit information more securely.
8.Contact Us
9.Changes to the Privacy Policy
  • In the service, changes to personal information collected, purpose of use, or other changes to the Privacy Policy shall be announced by changes to this page.
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