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  • Using the most beautiful models available, we offer greater variation for the beauty scene
  • Full body shots, white background images, and pre-trimmed photos make design easy
  • Royalty free, with no restrictions on period of use or medium of use
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Using the most beautiful models available, we offer greater variation for the beauty scene

Why do designers support the Bijin Sozai stock photo site?

A vast selection of stock photos of beautiful women.

We offer a vast selection of pictures of
beautiful models whose quality is far beyond that of standard stock photo models.
Bijin Sozai lives up to its name, with a website carrying plenty stock photos of beautiful women.
Due to the current situation of models in Japan, very few Japanese models appear in Japanese stock photos. However, as use of the internet continues to develop, designers have long awaited the appearance of high quality models in stock photos.
Bijin Sozai meets those needs, and defies conventional wisdom in the industry, by using high quality female models. Now you too can improve the quality of your own web design by using pictures of beautiful, high quality models that were once unimaginable at the stock photo level.

We use Asian models.

We use Asian models that do not look out of place
when used on Japanese websites.
Until now, portrait photos on stock photo sites have primarily been pictures of Westerners. In spite of their excellent quality, many designers regrettably cannot use these pictures because the subjects are Westerners, and so do not fit the image of Japanese websites. Every designer is sure to have found such stock photos before.
That is why we at Beautiful Women use Japanese and other Asian models to produce our stock photos. Our visuals do not look even slightly out of place on Japanese websites.

Rich variation for the beauty scene.

Think of a portrait photo you have seen on your competitor’s website.
Was that picture same as the one on your own website? Many have made such an unpleasant discovery before.
Because so few Japanese models appear in stock photos, the same sort of pictures are used over and over again.
We at Bijin Sozai produce a rich variation of pictures by using many different Japanese and other Asian female models. Now you can choose a model that fits the image of the site you are producing as if holding an audition, further expanding the breadth of your site design.
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